My Selfish, Unwelcome and Destructive Guests

Those guests, you know, the ones who arrive uninvited to your home. They surreptitiously check out your pantry, doing a mental check on how long the food will last before being they’ll leave. They take over your home and yard, and before long, their friends move in too. The worse part is when they alienate your own friends, causing them to stay away. They exhibit obnoxious behavior, and take over your hangout spots. Just the act of hanging out on the edge of the hot tub, trailing their hands in the water is enough to scare the other friends away.

Even your sanctuary, your garden is not safe. They dig up your plants and steal your fruits and vegetables, not because they are hungry, but because they can. And sometimes guilt may force them to leave you something, like a half-eaten tomato on your doorstep. These guests are guided by no moral codes, whatsoever. They move in, bring their families, and expect you to deal with it.

How do I get rid of these critters?Birdbath Squirrel



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